Business Planning
Create your organization's Business Strategy roadmap.
Business Strategy is the roadmap that outlines how a company will achieve its goals in today's market and position itself for success in tomorrow's.

St rategic business planning is rapidly evolving as we navigate the impacts of high inflationary pressures.

Today’s leaders must match their strategies and business planning approaches to anticipate what to expect and having a flexible strategy to deal with the risks and opportunities is critical.

They must embrace the opportunities and disruptive potential while maintaining the agility to adapt to changing conditions as we emerge to the new normal.

We offer creative solutions that have helped organisations all industries and sectors develop and execute business strategies.

We help organisations take advantage of their industry or sector’s trends and shifts and incorporate this thinking into their business planning.

Strategic Business Planning


Addressing the business challenges presented by high inflationary pressures

Businesses face many challenges, economic, financial, legal, regulatory, and, of course, sales. 
  • The economic challenges include the need to manage supply, demand, inventory, pricing, and cash flow. 
  •  The financial challenges include the need to maximize returns while dealing with inflation, and the need to manage debt. 
  •  The regulatory challenges include the need to manage compliance.
  •  The legal issues involve managing product liability, intellectual property, and employment. 
  •  Finally, the sales challenges are the need to manage the changing customer behaviours.

How is your organization currently responding to the high inflationary pressures?

We see significant changes to innovation and business strategy priorities, including increased support of the core business. While there has been staff and budget reductions, there is a commitment to developing growth opportunities and an emphasis on “doing more with less”.

Some organizations see these inflationary pressures as an opportunity to go and innovate, to collaborate and create a brand-new product in an adjacent marketplace.

From an innovation and business strategy perspective, we will need to determine what is fundamentally changing in terms of market performance and outlook, which market trends are temporary, and which trends will become permanent and become established as the new normal.

Our Strategic Business Planning Approach

Chase helps organizations evaluate their current market position, the impacts on consumers and business conditions, to develop responses to the short- and long-term implications. We facilitate both in-person and online business strategy development workshops.

We combine innovation and disruption best practice and intellectual rigour with a deep understanding of what shapes an individual business, organisation or enterprise. We develop business and financial models to evaluate the strategy for clients that are realistic and generate improved financial performance.

Chase works with clients to create business models, operational models and action plans using highly participative planning processes, which clarify their pathway for success. We continually focus on what creates true value for our clients.

Our strategy and business planning expertise includes:
  • Strategic business planning
  • Analysing industry and sector shifts
  • Scenario planning
  • Growth and diversification into new markets
  • Shaping and developing business opportunities
  • Scaling innovations
  • Business cases for investment
  • Strategy implementation

How Can We Help You?

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