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At My Business Case Hub®, you gain unparalleled access to a meticulously curated library enriched with proven best practices, sophisticated AI Tools, and innovative GPT Prompts.

Our platform is crafted to empower you, the visionary business leader, in creating compelling and resonant business cases. Dive into a wealth of resources designed to refine your strategies and maximize the impact of your proposals, ensuring you secure the crucial executive approvals you seek. Elevate your strategic endeavors with My Business Case Hub and drive transformative success in your organization.

Explore My Business Case Hub's Revolutionary Approach
Securing executive approval is crucial for business leaders seeking to drive organizational success.

My Business Case Hub® acts as your strategic ally, ensuring each business case you craft resonates with profound impact and clarity.

Explore our innovative platform, rich with proven best practices, and optimize every effort to align seamlessly with executive expectations and organizational goals. Elevate your strategic pursuits with My Business Case Hub®.

 Secure Executive Approval: Enhance Your Business Case Strategy 

Developing a robust business case requires meticulous attention and significant effort.

Maximize your diligence with My Business Case Hub®, unlocking a wealth of indispensable resources including cutting-edge AI tools, innovative GPT prompts, and expert insights.

Our platform, rich with authenticated best practices, is your tool to swiftly create refined business cases, significantly elevating your chance of securing executive endorsements. Navigate your strategic pursuits with precision and confidence, aligning every initiative with overarching organizational objectives.

Everything you need to get
the Executive Approval for your Business Case

The quality and detail of a successful business case can make or break an opportunity for growth within a company or across organizations – especially when presenting changes or requests for funding, or ROI projections are required.

Making effective investment decisions requires businesses to have reliable analysis to clearly understand potential costs, risks and returns associated with their decision and a clear timeline for implementation – all outcomes easily achievable using the My Business Case Hub® platform.

Discover our online platform and learn everything you need to build, write and present your business case.
Membership provides 12 months of access to My Business Case Hub
Invest in your growth. With membership, you get on-demand access to industry expertise, individual professional coaching, and best practices. 
The Business Case Masterclass Program is included in your membership. 
  • Business Case Foundations
  • Financial Analysis in Business Cases
  • Developing Persuasive business Cases

Gain the skills needed to develop robust and compelling business cases.
Expert Coaching
Our online personal coaching sessions give you the personalized guidance you need to achieve your professional goals.

Get professional, confidential, and impartial service without waiting for weeks for a response.

Business Cases
We help professionals build their business cases, offering tools, templates, frameworks and consulting services.

Our programs, workshops and courses will help ensure that your business cases are ready to deliver value to stakeholders and that your business can grow.

Grab the latest updates to the 6 Essential Templates.

Enhance Your Leadership: Unlock a Year of Unlimited AI Insights with My Business Case GPT.

Revolutionize your workflow and ignite unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation.
Take your business cases to new heights and stay ahead of the competition with a vast collection of GPT Prompts designed for business cases.

Don't limit yourself to the same old thinking.

Embrace the limitless potential of the GPT Library of Prompts and watch your productivity soar.

Every Membership Includes Access to the My Business Case GPT Prompts Handbook!

This Handbook, with its wide array of GPT Prompts, simplifies creating strong business case documents, enabling professionals to deliver insightful strategies and substantial value, strengthening the overall business case.

Boasting a collection of more than 50 prompts, businesses can swiftly formulate impactful recommendations and innovative concepts, enhancing their cases and fostering success.

Elevate your approach to business cases with the revolutionary GPT Prompts found in The Handbook.

 Earn Your Business Case Microcredential Professional Certificate 
On successful completion, you receive the Business Case Microcredential Certificate.

The Business Case Microcredential is a professional digital certificate of completion awarded to participants in our business case programs for improving their business case skills and expertise.

Learn It, Earn It, Share It

The Business Case Microcredential is a convenient way to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and experience in writing and developing business cases.

Microcredentialing validates the knowledge and skills you have gained through our online programs and courses.

Professional leaders and organizations recognize microcredentials as a professional development qualification demonstrating new skills, capabilities and expertise.

My Business Case Hub®: Empowering Professionals to Optimize Time & Resources Effectively!

Leveraging My Business Case Hub enables organizations to optimize their teams’ time and resources in anticipation of organizational transformation.

Many professionals and business analysts find crafting the executive summary and translating outcomes and business impacts into quantifiable financials to be challenging tasks.

With My Business Case Hub®, elevate your business case proficiency and establish optimal practices. We facilitate a seamless transfer of essential skills, allowing you to articulate and monetize business outcomes thoroughly and construct business cases that are cohesively aligned with corporate plans and strategic objectives, both in tangible and strategic terms.

My Business Case Hub® delivers indispensable tools pivotal for orchestrating impactful organizational change and fostering business expansion.

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"Our business case programs are based on Chase Consulting's 20 years of experience developing successful investment business cases."

Craig Peacock (PhD)
Director, Chase Consulting

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