The 6 Essential Business Case Templates & AI Tools 

Everything you need to create your Business Case.

Are you a business leader looking for business case templates to help you make writing a business case easier and faster?

By using well-crafted templates, you can improve the overall quality of your business case document.

Our templates are designed for those writing their business case and want to ensure that you are doing it correctly. In addition, they will help you stay organized as you write your business case.

Investing in a set of proven business case templates will ensure that you follow the proper format, saving you time and improving your business case quality!

What’s included with the 6 Essential Business Case Templates
1) Business Case Workbook 
The initial template is a business case workbook, a crucial tool for guiding you through the intricacies of crafting the business case document. This workbook elucidates all vital details and offers insightful tips.

Our Workbook encompasses all reliable templates and worksheets, aiding you in planning, structuring, and composing your business case. Additionally, it offers guidance on infusing more rigor into your analysis and suggestions, ensuring your stakeholders are convinced of the recommendation's merit.
2) Business Case Document Template

The second template, the business case document template, saves precious time. Instead of starting from scratch, this structured document focuses on only the pertinent details essential for sound recommendations. This structured layout ensures alignment with organizational priorities, promising value for investment and a manageable risk level.

The Business Case Template (Microsoft Word document 18 pages) contains:

  • Executive Summary
  • Project Definition
  • Business Requirements
  • Evaluation of Options
  • Preferred Option
  • Strategic Logic of Project
  • Benefits
  • Risks
  • Project Stages & Duration
  • Financial Analysis
  • Estimate of Project Team Resources
  • Project Authorisation
  • Appendices
Our AI Tool the My Business Case Generator, generates your Business Case Document as an initial draft in just 5 minutes, perfectly aligned to your business case topic.
3) Business Case Presentation Template
To get the approval for your business case, it's pivotal to effectively present it to stakeholders, be it the project sponsor, leadership team, or those committing funds.
Our Business Case Presentation and Slide Deck template elucidates the art of crafting an impactful visual pitch. It covers:
  • Effective presentation techniques.
  • Alignment of suggestions with business goals.
  • Identifying and addressing key stakeholders.

If the presentation fails to inspire confidence, your business case might not see the light of day.

Our AI Tool the My Business Case Generator, generates your Business Case Slide Deck as an initial draft in just 4 minutes, perfectly aligned to your business case topic.
4) Financial Templates
Quantifying both financial and non-financial benefits in your business case is paramount. Depending on the investment size and intricacy, the required depth of analysis will vary. Cost-benefit analysis, a significant component, often determines the project's fate. Our financial templates for business case development delve into detailed financial aspects, ensuring no hidden costs or benefits are overlooked.
How Much Information Is Required to Get the Business Case Approved?

For significant investments and high-risk projects, the preliminary business is the first step in making the full business case. Preliminary business cases determine if the full business case is required, where the project merits are investigated in full detail. The preliminary business case cost estimates have a 20% tolerance, whereas the full business case costings have less than a 10% tolerance.

Cost-benefit analysis is one of the most critical parts of a business case as it is often the costs or savings a project yields which achieves the final approval to go forward. We use a set of discounted cash flow templates for financial, scenario and sensitivity analysis.

The detailed financial spreadsheets show precisely what cost and benefit information, and evidence is required; so that you do not miss any of the hidden costs or benefits.
The financial templates should include a discounted cash flow model ("DCF model") to value the business case by forecasting its' cash flows and discounting the cash flows to arrive at the current, present value.

The templates calculate the discounted cash flow for determining:
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Operating, investing & financing cash flows
  • Net present value
  • Internal rate of return
  • Payback period
  • Profit-to-investment ratio

The financial templates should include a business case financial analysis summary dashboard with the scenario and sensitivity analysis for evaluating the financial implications and increasing the return on investment.
Our AI Tool the My Business Case Generator, tells you critical financial modelling factors and assumptions you need to develop your robust business case.
5) Project Planning Templates

Before diving into your business case, meticulous planning is indispensable. Our business case planning templates streamline the process, allowing for efficient task allocation, tracking, and reporting.

We scope our business case activities, break it down into manageable components; then schedule and assign the tasks needed to complete your business case. You might be surprised at how quickly you can plan, allocate and report on the tasks to complete the business case.

The project planning templates include:

  • Project management dashboard 
  • Project action plan 
  • Project status report
  • Investment project plan

The Investment Project Plan

It's essential to outline the project's key milestones and describe the major activities to achieve the deliverables and milestones. The business case needs to consider other interrelated projects' dependencies and show how such dependencies make impact benefits.

Our AI Tool the My Business Case Generator, generates your Project Plan an initial draft in just 5 minutes, perfectly aligned to your business case topic.

Simply Set the Duration for Each of the Tasks, Add Any Dependencies.

We use the work breakdown structure to focus on the project deliverables and measurable milestones.

This helps to:

  • Estimate the cost of the business case recommendation.
  • Establish dependencies.
  • Determine the project’s timeline and develop a schedule.
  • Assign responsibilities and clarify roles.
  • Identify risk.
  • Develop a phased implementation approach.

We include the overall project timeline and project activities in a Gantt chart.

6) Risk Management Templates

Every project, no matter how meticulously planned, carries inherent risks. Our risk management templates offer a roadmap to navigate these potential pitfalls, ensuring the business case's desired outcomes and benefits are realized.

Risk planning helps identify the potential problems that could cause trouble for the recommended project. You can use the risk management plan to identify, evaluate, and plan for potential issues. It's a roadmap that shows you the significant risks that need to be managed to achieve the business case outcome and benefits.

The business case templates should include a risk management plan that sets out how risks will be managed in the recommended project.

The risk management plan details your strategy for dealing with risks specific to your business case.

    Our risk management template guides you through the steps involved in preparing the risk management plan; it helps you: 

    • Identify the risks.
    • Analyze each risk.
    • Evaluate and prioritize the risks.
    • Recommend the actions to treat each risk.
    • Monetize the risks in business cases.
    • Monitor and review the risk during the implementation of the project.

    The risk assessment map provides an overview of the risk ratings, plus a management matrix for identifying and assessing risks, describing mitigation strategies, and monitoring control efforts.

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        Example Business Case Documents

        Sample business case documents can help you write a clear and concise business case.

        Example business case documents include the executive summary, the strategic logic, the financial projections, scenarios and risk management for implementing a specific project.

        This way, you can write better business cases after using this resource.

          How-to Guides
          The 6 Essential Business Case Templates

          Craft compelling business cases with these 6 essential templates. Enhance your professional toolkit.

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          1. Business Case Workbook
          2. Business Case Document Template
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          4. Business Case Financial Templates
          5. Risk Management Templates
          6. Project Planning Templates


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          ✓ Business Case Document Sample 

           The 6 Essential Business Case Templates
          My Business Case Generator
          Embrace the power of AI and take your business cases to the next level.
          Plus, you'll receive

          ✓ The 6 Essential Business Case Templates
          ✓ 12 Months of Access to the AI Tools: My Business Case Generator


          ✓ Business Case AI Lessons
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          3. Uniformity & Consistency:
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          4. Stress-free Formatting:
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          5. Comprehensive Structure:
          • Our templates aren't just blank canvases; they are comprehensive guides, ensuring that all critical information is covered, leaving no room for oversight.

          6. Less Errors, More Confidence:
          • With our templates, you aren't just using any generic blueprint. You're leveraging templates that have been vetted and utilized by business leaders across 55 countries. This widespread adoption and scrutiny mean fewer mistakes and a more confident approach to your business case creation.

          7. Special Bundle Bonus - AI Tool & GPT Prompts Library:
          • The special bundle not only includes the templates but also provides 12 months of access to our AI Tool and the expansive Library of Business Case GPT Prompts. These tools, in tandem with the templates, offer an unparalleled advantage, supercharging the efficiency, accuracy, and innovative potential of your business cases.

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