Revolutionize Your Sales Proposals with AI

Revolutionize Your Sales Proposals with AI: Unlock Efficiency with My Sales Proposal Generator

Welcome to the future of sales proposal creation with My Sales Proposal Generator, where advanced AI technology merges with our comprehensive Sales Proposal Framework to offer a strategic and efficient solution for crafting your sales proposals.

Experience the power of AI to save time, refine your sales process, and deliver compelling pitches with unparalleled precision.

Transform your proposal development process and draft your first cutting-edge proposal in under 5 minutes.

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Key Features of My Sales Proposal Generator:

It is an AI-powered tool built into the My Business Case Hub® platform.

Fast Custom Sales Proposals: Generate personalized sales proposals in just 5 minutes. Our AI-driven interface asks targeted questions to ensure each proposal perfectly aligns with your client's needs, incorporating industry best practices for maximum effectiveness.

Efficient Sales Strategy Planning: Streamline the creation of a clear, actionable plan for your sales proposals, guaranteeing thorough and strategic preparation.

Engaging Presentation Decks: Convert your proposals into dynamic presentations quickly, aligning your narrative with the strategic objectives of your stakeholders and facilitating a smooth path to success.

AI-Powered Insights: Leverage AI to analyze market trends and customer behaviors, customizing your proposal to meet the specific demands of your target audience.

Real-time Feedback and Recommendations: Receive instant feedback on your drafts, including suggestions for improvement based on best practices to boost your proposal's impact.

Personalized Customer Engagement: Utilize AI to tailor communications with potential clients, making each interaction uniquely responsive to their preferences and needs.

Empower Your Proposals with AI Business Tools

Crafting compelling, professional proposals has never been easier, thanks to AI technology that automates data analysis and content creation.

It is a powerful tool that saves you time and ensures your proposals resonate, are persuasive and aligned with potential investors' or clients' expectations.

These AI tools simplify the proposal process by generating long-form content, researching keywords, creating sales proposals and slide decks that align your offer to the client's strategic needs and objectives, and more.

Explore the slide deck copy created by My Proposal Generator and enhanced with Copilot in PowerPoint.

Unique Features for Enhanced Proposal Creation:

  • Sales Strategy Technique: Our innovative proposal generator enables users to select their preferred sales strategy technique, dynamically adjusting the document's language to align more effectively with the client's needs and decision-making processes. This feature incorporates a variety of sales methodologies, ensuring that each proposal is crafted to meet specific strategic goals. Whether leaning towards Account-Based Selling for a more personalized pitch, embracing the Challenger Sale to disrupt client assumptions, or adopting Consultative Selling to position yourself as a trusted advisor, this tool seamlessly integrates your chosen approach into the proposal content.
  • Solution-Objective Alignment with Client: Introducing the "Strategic Alignment" feature. This feature ensures that your proposed solutions meet and exceed client expectations by meticulously aligning with their objectives and speaking directly in their language. This functionality transforms the essence of your proposal, ensuring a perfect resonance with the client's goals, values, and preferred communication style.
  • Brand Voice Customization: Recognizing the importance of brand voice or tone in proposal communication, our tool offers dynamic adjustments to match the intended audience and purpose. From Formal and Professional to Persuasive and Convincing, or even Visionary and Inspirational, users can select the brand voice that best suits the context of their proposal. This flexibility ensures that the proposal resonates with its readers.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: My Sales Generator supports teamwork on proposals, offering features like comments and version control for a cohesive content refining process. The proposal content creation activities are simplified, accelerating your productivity.
  • Insights-Driven Content: By aligning solutions with client objectives and using their language, proposals become significantly more relevant and compelling. Clients are more likely to engage with proposals that reflect their objectives and speak in their voice, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Intuitive User Interface: A user-friendly, multilingual interface designed for simplicity and ease of use, enhancing accessibility and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive AI Solutions: Streamline proposal creation with My Business Case Hub®'s full suite of tools for business cases, project plans, and slide decks.
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Experience the AI Difference in Your Sales Proposals

1. Instant Custom Sales Proposals:

  • Produce a personalized sales proposal draft in only 5 minutes.
  • Our AI-driven interface poses the right queries, ensuring each proposal is precisely tailored to your needs and infused with best practices and strategic insights.
  • Minimize drafting and editing time, speeding up your sales cycle and enhancing your proposal effectiveness.

2) Efficient Sales Strategy Planning:

  • Streamline creating a clear action plan for your sales proposals, ensuring comprehensive preparation.

3) Compelling Presentation Decks:

  • Turn your proposal into an engaging presentation in 4 minutes.
  • Prepare swiftly for impactful meetings, aligning your narrative with the strategic objectives of your stakeholders.
  • Assemble an impactful proposal quickly, facilitating a smoother journey to winning deals and achieving success.

Strengthen Your Proposals and Accelerate Sales with Valuable Insights

Transform your proposal process with our AI Tools platform, featuring a customizable, intuitive interface and proposal templates enriched with valuable insights, dramatically improving your success rate.

Whether you're crafting proposals for professional services, marketing, software services, or any other sector, our tools modernize and optimize your approach.

My Sales Proposal Generator is a productivity tool for business leaders and sales teams. It is crucial in this transformation to ensure your professionals and sales teams do more than just sell—they become a key element in achieving your sales targets and driving growth.

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 What's the ROI of 'My Sales Proposal Generator'?
Maximize efficiency, save costs, and sharpen your pitch with My Sales Proposal Generator.

Gain strategic advantages, enhance decision-making, and secure a competitive edge with AI-driven insights in your sales proposals.
 Our AI Tools' Case Studies 
International Expansion for New Telecommunication Product: Developed a comprehensive strategy for the global rollout of an innovative telecommunication product, identifying key markets and scalable growth opportunities.

Telecommunications Sector,  USA
Customer Banking Solution Business Case: Proposed the development of a new banking solution aimed at enhancing customer experience and financial management.

 Banking & Finance, Brazil
Market Expansion for Cybersecurity Solutions: Outlined strategies for extending the market reach of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, addressing emerging threats and expanding customer base.

Cybersecurity, Switzerland
Enhancing ESG Performance: Crafted a strategy to improve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, aligning with sustainability goals and stakeholder expectations.

Industrials Sector, UK
Equipment Investment to Reduce Healthcare Worker Injuries: Investigated the acquisition of new equipment to minimize injuries among healthcare workers, promoting workplace safety and efficiency.

Healthcare, Canada
New Community Housing Program: Established a sustainable housing initiative to address affordable housing needs, incorporating innovative construction methods and community engagement strategies.

Not-for-Profit, Canada
Sales Strategy for International Market Penetration: Crafted a detailed business case to expand sales into new international regions, focusing on tailored approaches for diverse markets.

SAAS Business, Australia
Establishment of a Unified Contact Centre Hub: Designed a centralized contact center to streamline customer service operations, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

Contact Centre, Africa
USA Expansion Business Case: Formulated a strategic plan for entering the US market, analyzing the competitive landscape and regulatory requirements to ensure successful market entry.

Industrials,  Australia
Production Expansion Business Case: Explored avenues for scaling production capabilities to meet growing demand, assessing cost, efficiency, and market impact.

Pharmaceutical and Food Chemicals, Americas
Investment in New Medical Device: Analyzed the potential for investing in a groundbreaking medical device, considering market needs, regulatory hurdles, and innovation impact.

Medical Devices, USA
Renewable Energy Investment Business Case: Evaluated the potential for investment in renewable energy sources, considering environmental impact, return on investment, and long-term sustainability.

Renewable Energy, Australia
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Enterprise-Grade Privacy on My Business Case Hub®
My Business Case Hub prioritizes your data security. Your inputs remain strictly private and are never shared with third parties nor used for AI training by My Business Case Hub or OpenAI. Built on OpenAI's secure API platform, we ensure that your strategic data is protected by stringent enterprise privacy standards. For complete transparency on how we handle your data, visit OpenAI Enterprise Privacy and My Business Case Hub and Chase Consulting Privacy. We are committed to keeping your information secure while you harness our AI tools to enhance your business strategy.
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 We work with business leaders, professionals and organizations to develop robust and compelling strategies, business plans and business cases. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

- My Business Case Hub is the business case platform for professionals and business leaders to which you will have a login and password.

- My Business Case Hub's AI Tools include the My Business Case Generator. The business case tool is an AI-powered solution that generates customized business cases.

- The My Proposal Generator is designed to help you efficiently plan and construct a high-quality proposal.

- First, set up your account and login details on My Business Case Hub.

- Log into My Business Case Hub and navigate to the My Business Case Generator. Here, you can access all of the generative AI features.

- To begin, enter the key details about your business case to ensure the AI Tools has the context to generate a quality sales proposal.

- My Proposal Generator uses this information to create an initial draft of your sales proposal.

- Once you have your draft, you can review and refine it as necessary. My Proposal Generator allows for easy edits and adjustments to ensure that your final business case aligns with your goals and presents your opportunity in the best possible light.

- How long it takes to write a sales proposal depends on what type of proposal you are writing.

- A simple proposal, which we describe as low value and low risk, can be written rather quickly. You can write an initial draft within 5 minutes of providing the details about the business opportunity

- In comparison, high-value aproposals can take some hours.

- You have access to our Help page, plus our AI chatbot for any questions about using these AI Tools.

- We also have available 30-minute complimentary Business Calls to help.

- Booking your Strategy Call is easy on our online booking page, just select a convenient time which suits you.

- You are in control of your data. My Business Case Hub dosent share your data with a third party.

- Your data and inputs remain private and are not used for any form of AI model training or development by My Business Case Hub and OpenAI.

- My Business Case Hub's AI Tools are built on the OpenAI API platform that provides Enterprise privacy.

- No, OpenAI does not use your data from My Business Case Generator to train or improve its models.

- OpenAI is committed to ensuring user privacy and data security, adhering to strict policies to protect your information.

- To learn more, visit see how OpenAI API use your data.

- The trial provides full access to our AI Proposal Generator for 7 days.

- You can utilize all the features, including AI-powered writing assistance, custom prompts, and more, to create comprehensive and persuasive business cases.

- During the 7-day trial period, you can create up to two business cases.

- Our team is available to assist you throughout your trial to ensure you get the most out of our AI Proposal Generator.

- Each participant owns their intellectual property.

- Chase Consulting makes no claim to ownership of intellectual property (IP) resulting from the business opportunity been developed by users.

- Chase Consulting adheres to the Australian Institute of Management Consultants Code of Ethics.

- For over 20 years, we helped our clients develop their business cases and innovations as per of our professional consulting relationships and our Code of Ethics.

- To learn more about our Code of Ethics Policy, visit and our Privacy Policy visit

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