Establishing the Advisory Board
Provides strategic guidance and advice on how to professionalise the business.
An advisory board can help to provide external perspectives and guidance on strategic decisions, helping to ensure decisions are made with clarity and purpose.

Advisory Boards

Professionalising the business

Chase helps business owners professionalise their business to ensure long-term sustainability and maximise efficiency.

We help establish the Advisory Board to give considered advice and recommendations.

Professionalising The Business – Establishing the Advisory Board

Advisory Boards serve a unique role for businesses. Advisory Boards are a group of suitably experienced people appointed to give considered advice or recommendations. They are distinct from a board of directors.

The Advisory Board is an effective way for organisations to access independent external advice to support their purpose and strategy. They draw from their expertise to offer insight, act as a sounding board, and help the owners and managers. Although advisory boards are flexible, their charter is designed to suit the individual needs of the business.

The Advisory Board guides the strategic direction of the business and helps inspire the transformation and growth.

The Board of directors is responsible for the organisation's performance and conformance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Establishing the Advisory Board

How Chase Helps Establish the Advisory Board

Professionalising the organisations is taking a business to the 'next level', which is a critical success factor when organisations are experiencing growth and managers are recruited to work in the business. The process of professionalising the business is recognising the importance of motivated, well-informed and talented people within the business and putting in place developed plans and systems to monitor performance.

An advisory board provides a practical pathway for an organisation to navigate through the impacts of COVID-19 with independent professional advice. Chase combines its practical experience with advisory boards and business planning to advise the business owners and founders. We can help organisations by recommending the professional advisory board structure for their business.

Our advisory board expertise includes:
  • Serving as a source of independent advice to the business owner with regard to strategy.
  • Establishing the Advisory Board.
  • Formal monthly advisory board meetings.
  • Providing an objective view on how the business is performing and what needs to be done in order for it to succeed.
  • Providing guidance on how best to manage risk, including financial risks.
  • Bringing knowledge about all aspects of strategy, finance, governance issues, marketing, human resources and current trends in technology and other areas affecting businesses today.
  • Providing a new approach to governance that will ensure a more effective and efficient management structure for the organisation.
  • Improving performance review processes which is based on clear objectives and measurable outcomes.

Our business mentoring expertise includes coaching business owners and managers on:
  • Business and strategy plan implementation.
  • Operating plans and methods that guide the process of interaction within the business.
  • Robust and competent management at all levels to support the plans and, notably, the people capable of implementing them.
  • Articulated performance expectations that develop clear, well-defined goals, KPIs and expectations for the management team.
  • An appropriate reward and compensation system to provide management with certainty rewards that are provided upon performance.

How Can We Help You?

Chase establishes advisory boards and coaches and mentors' executives to professionalise their organisation, focusing on strategic advice and good governance.

Craig Peacock (PhD), Director of Chase Consulting, is a Non-Executive Director, a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, has extensive experience in both the private and not for profit sectors and has held senior positions, including an ASX listed business. He is a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops on strategic planning, innovation, governance, change management, and performance improvement.

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Establishing the Advisory Board

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