The Business Case Masterclass Program with AI Tools

Master the Art of Creating and Presenting Impactful Business Cases.
Secure project approval from executives and investors by leveraging cutting-edge AI Tools for efficient business case development.
Wednesday, October 16, 23 & 30, 2024
Led by Craig Peacock (PhD), this program covers:
  • Business Case Fundamentals
  • Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Crafting Persuasive Business Cases
  • AI Tools
  • Live Q&A Sessions

Exclusive Offer: 12 months of access to My Business Case Hub®.
The Business Case Masterclass is a three-workshop program. 
The Business Case Masterclass is a comprehensive three-part series designed for professionals at all levels, from newcomers to experienced practitioners.
Guided by industry leader Craig Peacock, PhD, you will:


  • Develop, refine, and present business cases that reflect your strategic vision.
  • Utilise financial analysis to articulate the value and impact of your proposals.
  • Gain the Business Case Microcredential Certificate, showcasing your expertise.

  • Streamline and elevate your business case creation with cutting-edge AI Tools, ensuring faster approval with optimized precision and clarity.
 What you'll learn 
  • Foundations to Analysis to Presentation: From constructing a solid business case to presenting it persuasively.

  • Financial Acumen: Techniques to assess and articulate your case's financial benefits.

  • Efficiency through AI: Use advanced AI Tools, the My Business Case Generator to streamline the development process, saving up to 40% of time and cost.
 Hands-On AI Tools Integration:

As a Masterclass participant, you'll receive 12 months complimentary access to the My Business Case Generator. This exclusive access allows you to continue refining your skills and applying advanced AI capabilities to your business cases long after the program ends.

 My Business Case Generator: 
  • Rapid Business Case Creation: Generate custom drafts in minutes.

  • Fast Project Planning: Effortlessly map out your case's roadmap.

  • Persuasive Slide Deck: Turn your business case into compelling presentations.

  • Efficient Proposal Generation: Craft winning proposals swiftly.

Participants will directly apply these AI Tools during the workshops, ensuring practical experience with AI's transformative capabilities.

Continuous Access for Ongoing Success

Empower yourself with the knowledge, skills, and tools to develop and present compelling business cases that drive decision-making and success. Sign up for the Business Case Masterclass today and transform your approach to business strategy with the power of AI.

Your Learning Journey:
 Workshop 1: Business Case Foundations (October 16, 2024):

Start with a solid foundation. Grasp the art of constructing and communicating the value of your initiatives. 

In Workshop 1, we bring you up to speed and give you the foundations for a successful masterclass program.

You will learn how to develop and structure a business case, what information you need to include, and how to present the value of your project in a manner that helps you get the funding and support you need.

Develop your ability to think strategically about business cases. This 2-hour live workshop is designed to give you new skills, tools, templates and strategies you need to develop a solid business case. It is a hands-on workshop to help participants make compelling business cases and communicate the value of their projects.

Financial Analysis in Business Cases (October 23, 2024):
Dive deep into financial analytics. Learn to represent your proposal's financial value persuasively.

This 2-hour live Workshop is a deep dive into the financial analysis techniques used in business cases. The workshop explores the financial analysis tools, frameworks and techniques to help you quantify the financial value, monetize the outcomes and benefits, and improve the return on investment.

We’ll help you gain the financial insight to make better business cases. First, learn how to write business cases in an inflationary environment. Then, learn how to apply the templates, frameworks and advanced techniques of discounted cash flow analysis, scenario analysis, and sensitivity analysis.

Learn how to develop a financially robust and business-focused case that makes it easy for you to get funding and approval for your project.

 Workshop 3: Developing Persuasive Business Cases (October 30, 2024):
Perfect your presentation. Craft a compelling narrative for boardrooms and investors. 

Workshop 3 is a hands-on workshop to develop and tailor the business case document and presentation to the executive team, board or investors. We explore how to build your business case document, the pitch deck, how to present the business case and how to nail the Q&A.

Let us help you create a persuasive business case document, presentation and pitch deck and write a robust and compelling business case that communicates its value to decision-makers.

We explore AI tools that help you fast-track writing your business case.

We will help you better understand how to present and frame your business case in a way that is most likely to be successful. This can help you to get buy-in from key decision-makers and increase the chances that your recommendations are implemented.

Choose Your Preferred Workshop Stream
Considering the global audience, we've tailored schedules to cater to different time zones.

And if you can't attend live, we've got you covered with session recordings.
Stream 1
Australia / NZ / Asia Workshops
 Wednesday, October 16, 23 & 30. 2024 
 1:00 PM MEL/SYD
 10:00 AM Perth
 10:00 AM Singapore
 3:00 PM New Zealand
 UTC 02:00
 2 hours for each workshop
Price AUD $695
Plus, you’ll receive
AI Tools (AUD $300 value)
12 months of access to My Business Case Hub
Stream 2
Europe/UK/Middle East/Africa Workshops
 Wednesday, October 16, 23 & 30. 2024 
9:00 AM UK (GMT)
10:00 AM EU (CET)
11:00 AM EU (EST)
11:00 AM South Africa (SAST)
UTC 9:00
2 hours for each workshop
Price USD $595
Plus, you’ll receive
AI Tools (USD $200 value)
12 months of access to My Business Case Hub
Stream 3
USA/Canada/South America Workshops
 Wednesday, October 16, 23 & 30. 2024 
 3:00 PM Eastern Time
1:00 PM Mountain Time
12:00 PM Pacific Time
UTC 19:00
 2 hours for each workshop
Price USD $595
Plus, you’ll receive
AI Tools (USD $200 value)
12 months of access to My Business Case Hub
Who Should Attend?
Leaders who want the frameworks, business processes and toolsets needed for impactful decision-making.

Professionals who strive to optimize value for new projects and investment opportunities.

Business Improvement Teams determined to create robust and compelling business cases that get approval.
Develop Your Team's Business Case Capabilities
Business cases play a crucial role in an organization's growth and success, and writing a convincing one is a specialized skill.

Take the Business Case Masterclass as a team to help you build better business cases by providing resources and tools to improve your organization's business case processes and align your team.

We also offer the Business Case Masterclass as a customized program for organizations to develop their team's business case skills and capabilities. In the organization's Business Case Masterclass program, we align the program to your corporate objectives and have deep discussions during the workshop sessions to set up your business case processes.

Meet your instructor

Craig Peacock (PhD), Director of Chase Consulting Group, has over 25 years of experience in strategy, innovation and business cases.

Craig is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC) and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD). In addition, he has been an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology.

We've taught professionals in some of the world's biggest companies how to build successful Business Cases — and we've seen them win big because of it.

Our programs are based on Chase Consulting's 20 years of experience developing compelling business cases.

The Business Case Masterclass will get you up to speed so that you can immediately start building your business cases.

Craig Peacock (PhD), Director, Chase Consulting

My Business Case Generator:
 Every participant gets 12 months of access to the My Business Case Generator. 
Starter Plan included with your 12-month access to My Business Case Hub®
  • My Business Case Generator
  • My Slide Deck Generator
  • My Project Plan Generator
  • AI Business Case Prompts
  • AI Business Case Review
  • Support and Demonstration
  • Get Started Lessons
Got Some More Questions?
Connect with Chase to discuss your questions about the Business Case Masterclass.
Turn your business case into success.
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