Our Innovation Research
Chase has conducted annual international innovation studies (since 2016) to research leading-edge innovators as part of our commitment to conducting and sharing insights and best practices.

These research studies provide insights and learnings into:
  • The major global trends shaping industries and the sector shifts and forces that organizations are facing now and in the future.
  • The strategies that organizations are employing to meet these challenges and threats.
  • How organizations are innovating and developing their innovation capacity.
  • The specific innovation initiatives that are achieving measurable and sustainable outcomes and impacts.

Find out how organisations innovate strategically, create an innovation culture, and deliver more value from innovation.
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Learn how to take innovation from being a series of one-off projects to a repeatable process.
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Organisations need to concurrently manage running their core business and innovating for the future.

Innovation is an enabler for long-term sustainability and is one of the top drivers of business growth.

To take innovation from being a series of one-off projects to a repeatable process, organisations need to put in place the right internal structures, processes and culture.

For organisations to achieve sustainable impacts and outcomes from innovation requires repeatable process and practices using the right tools and processes.

Innovation requires a different set of approaches, tools and practices to those used in managing the core business. Innovation uses an iterative process to design, test and validate the ideas to ensure market product fit before scaling up and embedding into the core business.

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Previous Studies
Our previous innovation research studies have many insights for Innovation Managers and business leaders wanting to drive innovations a repeatable process within their organisation.
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