AI Business Case Writing Workshop

Get ready to revolutionize your business cases!

Join our exclusive AI Workshop designed for business leaders and professionals like you.

7th February 2024

Discover the endless possibilities of AI in developing business cases with ChatGPT featuring:  
  • Live 2-hour virtual training session
  • Interactive Exercises Applying the ChatGPT Prompts
  • The GPT Prompts Handbook for Writing Business Cases
  • 12 months of access to the My Business Case GPT Library of Prompts
  • Live Q&A
Get ready to unlock the hidden potential of your business case writing!

Take your skills to the next level with our exclusive AI Workshop, tailor-made for forward-thinking professionals like yourself.

Discover a new dimension of developing business cases with our immersive AI Workshop. 

Dive into the AI world by applying ChatGPT Prompts to master the art of persuasive business case writing, crafting compelling, influential business cases that effortlessly communicate your project's value to important decision-makers.

Upgrade your business case skills with our AI Business Case Workshop.

In our AI Business Case Workshop, we give you the AI strategies, frameworks and insights to piece together a compelling business case that unlocks the potential of your project.

You will learn how to use the AI tools and prompts to structure the business case, what information you need to include, and how to present the value of your project in a manner that helps you get the funding and support you need.

This training consists of an interactive 2-hour live session to equip you with the new AI tools, prompts, and strategies to develop a solid business case

In this action-packed workshop, you’ll learn how to use AI frameworks, tools and ChatGPT prompts to:

  • Apply ChatGPT best practices that streamline the processes for developing business cases.
  • Use structured frameworks that enhance outcomes.
  • Unveil the art of persuasion.
  • Unlock the power of analysis.
  • Enhance the recommendations.
  • Interactive Q&A session.

It's a 2-hour immersive workshop to elevate your capabilities and embark on the AI journey that guarantees enriched skills and newfound insights.

All Participants get the My Business Case GPT Prompts Handbook for Writing Business Cases!

The Handbook's extensive collection of GPT Prompts streamlines the process of crafting robust business case documents, empowering professionals to offer valuable insights and strategies that fortify the business case.

With a library of over 50 prompts, businesses can efficiently generate recommendations and concepts that elevate their case and drive success.

Revolutionize your business case game with The Handbook's GPT Prompts.

Get ready to unleash your creativity with unlimited access to the My Business Case GPT Library of Prompts for a full year.

Session 1
Australia / NZ / Asia Time
Wednesday, 7 February 2024
 1:00 PM MEL/SYD
 10:00 AM Perth
 11:00 AM Singapore
 3:00 PM New Zealand
 UTC 03:00
Price AUD $297 plus 10% GST
PLUS, you’ll also receive
The GPT Handbook for Writing Business Cases
 12 months access to My Business Case GPT Library of Prompts
Session 2
Europe/UK/Middle East/Africa Time
Wednesday, 7 February 2024
 9:00 AM UK (GMT)
10:00 AM EU (CET)
11:00 AM EU (EET)
11:00 AM South Africa (SAST)
UTC 09:00
Price USD $297
PLUS, you’ll also receive
The GPT Handbook for Writing Business Cases
 12 months access to My Business Case GPT Library of Prompts
Session 3
USA/Canada/South America Time
Wednesday, 7 February 2024
3:00 PM Eastern Time
1:00 PM Mountain Time
12:00 PM Pacific Time
UTC 20:00

Price USD $297
PLUS, you’ll also receive
The GPT Handbook for Writing Business Cases
 12 months access to My Business Case GPT Library of Prompts
This Workshop if Right for You:
  • Embarking on Your First Business Case: If you've just received the green light to create your first business case, our workshop will provide you with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate this process confidently.
  • Mastery of Crucial Business Case Elements: Discover the core aspects of a business case that truly matter and understand why they play a pivotal role in driving decision-making and success.
  • Amplify Your Analytical Acumen: Strengthen your business case analysis skills through our comprehensive workshop modules, enabling you to approach data-driven insights and projections with finesse.
  • Masterful Art of Value Presentation: Learn the art of presenting your project's value that resonates with stakeholders, ensuring you secure the funding and support your initiatives deserve.
  • Immersive Learning from Successful Examples: Dive into a curated selection of successful business case examples, extracting invaluable lessons that will empower you to apply winning strategies to your cases.
  • Elevate Recommendations' Credibility: Elevate the influence of your recommendations by mastering the techniques to substantiate your proposals effectively, fostering a stronger sense of trust among decision-makers.

Seize this opportunity to leverage the power of ChatGPT and propel your business cases to new heights. Reserve your spot now and embark on a transformational learning experience that promises enduring benefits for your professional journey.
 Wednesday, 7 February 2024 

Facilitator: Craig Peacock (PhD)

Register online by Friday, 2 january 2024. Spaces are limited to 10 participants per workshop.

Online Via Zoom. Details are emailed to participants immediately after registration.

Can't attend live? A recording of the session and materials will be made available after the session to all paid registrants, regardless of attendance.

Our virtual instructor-led programs can be customized and delivered privately to your organization. Call +61 412-714-549 or email for more information.

Who will benefit
Leaders who want the AI toolset needed to make better investment decisions and ensure their initiatives align seamlessly with overarching strategies.

Professionals who want to expand their skill set by diving deep into the nuances of business case creation and enhancing their efficiency and consistency in delivering high-quality business cases.

Business Improvement Teams
Business improvement professionals who are striving to compelling cases for process improvement initiatives, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and securing support from leadership.
Meet your instructor

Craig Peacock (PhD), Director of Chase Consulting Group, has over 25 years of experience in strategy, innovation and business cases.

Craig is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC) and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD). In addition, he has been an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology.

 Earn Your Business Case Microcredential Professional Certificate 
On successful completion, you receive the Business Case Microcredential Certificate.

The Business Case Microcredential is a professional digital certificate of completion awarded to participants in our business case programs for improving their business case skills and expertise.

Learn It, Earn It, Share It

The Business Case Microcredential is a convenient way to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and experience in writing and developing business cases.

Microcredentialing validates the knowledge and skills you have gained through our online programs and courses.

Professional leaders and organizations recognize microcredentials as a professional development qualification demonstrating new skills, capabilities and expertise.
We've taught professionals in some of the world's biggest companies how to build successful Business Cases — and we've seen them win big because of it.

Our programs are based on Chase Consulting's 20 years of experience developing compelling business cases.

The Business Case Masterclass will get you up to speed so that you can immediately start building your business cases.

Craig Peacock (PhD), Director, Chase Consulting

Got Some More Questions?
Connect with Chase to discuss your questions about the Business Case AI Workshop.
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